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Pre -Sue & Asset Reports

Pre-Sue and Asset reports are a vital part of any successful debt recovery case. They provide further evidence to enable clients to make an informed decision on how to proceed with a debt recovery instruction.

A pre-sue or asset report can be used as evidence in a legal process to confirm a debtor is residing at an address or denies knowledge of the debt in question.  More customers are using this service as or is not acknowledging the debt or refusing to pay. This allows the client to have informed information about the debtor before commencing expensive court proceedings.

The process is really simple and we follow a proven system which is detailed below:

  • We either confirm the address provided or trace a new address.
  • Contact details are then located for the debtor. Any known alias and associated names.
  • Confirmation of employment details, directorship or company ownership.
  • Information on any large items owned for example property to include ownership details, purchase price etc.
  • Information on the subject’s  financial status including County Court Judgements or Bankruptcy proceedings etc.
  • Extensive internet research is undertaken on the individual to establish if any information can be gained.
  • Evidence of company ownership and directorships present or past etc.

Through the course of an investigation and producing a pre-sue and asset report there could be more information that can be provided including discreet photographs of properties and assets with estimated values,

The information above is a sample of what we can provide, we have levels of reports  listed below and we can also tailor a report to provide the information needed.


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All the information is gathered through correct procedures and the Data Protection Act is adhered at all times.