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Expert Surveillance from a Professional Liverpool Team

We offer professional and discreet surveillance work across Liverpool, UK. Our experts are professionally trained and use the most modern surveillance equipment to get you the evidence you need. We have a huge range of surveillance services for every type of surveillance job.

When you choose a surveillance team for any purpose, you want to be assured that they will work discretely to protect your confidentially, and that’s exactly what we can guarantee when you hire a Liverpool based professional investigator from the Eclipse team.


Our Liverpool Surveillance Services

  • GPS Vehicle Tracking
  • Employee surveillance
  • Comprehensive corporate surveillance
  • Personal surveillance
  • Surveillance on a suspected cheating partner


Expert Surveillance Team in Liverpool

Our expert team of male and female surveillance operatives have been hired from a number of expert backgrounds, including the armed forces, police and the intelligence services. They have experience in the field to guarantee you a professional and satisfactory service, no matter what the job.

Because we have a number of operatives working at any one time, we can and do guarantee a round the clock 24/7 service, ensuring we will be there whenever you need us.


GPS Vehicle Tracking

Gathering information using a vehicle GPS device is a cost effective way of tracking the movements of a vehicle. GPS vehicle tracking can form an integral part of a larger investigation or it can be a standalone process to get you’re the information you need.

There are many reasons why you may want to track the location of a vehicle. You may suspect your spouse of being unfaithful and you want to know where they are going, you may suspect an employee of abusing their company vehicle or you may need to check routes or timings of a vehicle to aid in an investigation case.

Whatever the reason for following a vehicle we only use specialist GPS tracking equipment and an experienced team of private investigators to get accurate, data driven results to you in a timely and professional manner.


The Best Equipment

Part of our success comes down to the fact that we use a selection of the very latest equipment for surveillance purposes. This includes covert CCTV and GPS vehicle tracking. This allows us to keep track on a vehicle and learn where and when it stops, how fast it is travelling and more, 24 hours a day.

What’s more, we make sure that we constantly upgrade all of our systems on a regular basis. This allows us to always provide the best service and get the most satisfactory results for our clients, every time.


Need surveillance services in or near Liverpool today?

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