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Find Anyone, Anywhere With Our Specialist Tracing Service

Finding an absconded debtor or missing person can be a complex and time consuming task. This is why as professional Private Investigators we offer a tracing service for all kinds of missing, lost or untraceable people.

We are tracing specialists and we work for both private and business clients to find who they are looking for. We can work with the information you have to get the results you need.


Find A Missing Person in Leeds

  • Trace missing persons
  • Find lost family members
  • Trace Beneficiaries
  • Trace Debtors


Our Tracing Service in Leeds

Our services are used by a range of sectors including solicitors and other legal entities, small and large businesses, financial institutions and local governments. We can find missing people and report back to you with our findings.

We offer competitive and reasonable rates for our excellent tracing services. We also offer volume and repeat customer rates and can work with great flexibility for ongoing cases.


Leeds Tracing Service

As professional investigators we have years of experience in tracing people, whether you are looking for someone locally, nationally or internationally. We are trusted by business across the Leeds regions and the whole of the UK to trace customers, clients or interested parties and we work quickly and efficiently using specialist techniques and always work in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.


Impressive Success Rate

Whether you are trying to locate missing friends and family members, debtors or beneficiaries, we boast a high success rate. All of our team are highly experienced at finding people using a wide range of techniques, and we will do everything possible to find who you are looking for. People who you may have thought to be completely untraceable can be found with the help of our specialist tracing team.


No Trace, No Fee

As well as providing a reliable and discreet tracing service, when you use us to trace debtors, we will work on a ‘No Trace No Fee’ basis. This means you only pay if we manage to trace the person you are looking for.


Need to find a missing person?

If you need to find someone and don’t know where to start then call us today for our specialist tracing advice. Call us on 0800 999 2099 or 0161 962 9988. Or fill in our online enquiry form and one of our team will respond promptly.

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