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Tuesday 10 March 2020

Director Victoria Young Provides An Insight Into UK Private Investigation

Since beginning her journey as a Private Investigator fifteen years ago, Victoria Young has assisted a range of clients, investigating missing persons, exposing extra-marital affairs and working on debt recovery cases. 

The role is a far cry from her previous position as a Branch Office Administrator, so what prompted her to shift her focus and pursue a career as a Private Investigator?

Victoria’s Introduction to Private Investigator Jobs

“In all honesty, I fell into the profession. I thought that I wanted some normality back in my life, but I soon came to realise that an office job wasn't for me and I was looking for something a little bit more exciting.”

Given the nature of the role, establishing a career as a Private Investigator perhaps isn’t as clear-cut as that of a more mainstream professional such as a doctor, teacher and so forth. While many assume that Private Investigator jobs in the UK are hard to come by, pursuing such a position isn’t impossible, but does require a huge degree of dedication, as Victoria discovered during her journey.

“I’m not from a police force background and I’ve gained much of my skills from experience and self-tuition. Nonetheless, I’m a member of The Association of British Investigators; we have a network of agents throughout the UK and we all support each other.

“I’d worked with a gentleman at a company. I completed their reports and over some time, I learned more and developed my understanding of the sector.”

After receiving the news that she was expecting a child, Victoria decided to reconsider her vocation and decided to buy a franchise to apply her expertise within her own company.

Since backing her understanding and knowledge of what many consider to be a niche area, Victoria has since seen Eclipse Legal Services blossom, with her personable approach and in-depth understanding of multiple areas proving to be hugely appealing for both existing and prospective clients.

The Appeal of Private Investigator Jobs

With her refined company offering an array of services for a breadth of clients, what area of her practise does she enjoy the most?

“I enjoy the process of serving the most. It’s great delivering papers on a slippery character who think that they away from me; to be honest, I get a bit of a buzz from it!

“In my previous job, I knew what I was going to be doing when I arrived at the office, but now, I love how no two days are the same - I genuinely have no idea what to expect.

“We don’t specialise in a specific area and we provide an extensive range of services. Naturally, however, there are areas that I have more of a preference for than others. 

“For example, I enjoy surveillance and I have a great team of surveillance guys. I like to dig out the dirt, find out what’s happened and get to the bottom of a case - it’s incredibly rewarding.”

Client-Focused Company Ethos

While Victoria thrives when faced with a case that needs solving, Eclipse Legal Services is devoted to ensuring that the client’s best interests are always at the forefront of their mind, even if this means turning down business in the process. 

Unlike some rival companies within the market, Eclipse’s Director and her ensemble of experts prescribe to the notion that a case will only be considered if circumstances align with the best needs of the client.

“Sometimes a potential client may call the company, insistent that their partner is having an affair. When I ask how they’ve reached this conclusion, there have been times when they’ve listed the sure-fire signs of an affair. For instance, their partner may have been using the phone more often, changing how they dress, coming back from work later than usual.

“Therefore, I’ve said to the person: ‘You don’t need to speak with me; save your money and hire a good lawyer, because they’re having an affair.’

“We’re transparent with all of our fees and advice for our clients. There are times when a company may advertise a service at unrealistic fees, but the total costs can easily accumulate when hidden fees are revealed in the final invoice. Unfortunately, there are bandits out there and we want to protect people from a false economy.”

Such is the stereotypical representations of Private Investigator jobs in television, film and in literature, that this can sometimes lead to negative perceptions of the profession. However, Victoria Young and other professionals within the sector are keen to stress that investigators don’t conform with the cliché that has clouded the judgement of many.

“When I go out, people ask me what I do for a living; typically, they’ll think I’m a hairdresser or a school teacher, to name a few. 

“When I tell them that I’m a Private Investigator, they’re amazed and I often ask them: ‘Well, what does a Private Investigator look like?’ Unfortunately, we are battling a stereotype, but we don’t all wear wellies and a mac jacket!”

Eclipse Legal Services: Endorsing Principled Private Investigator Jobs

Built on the foundations of trust, integrity and a staunch refusal to compromise standards, Eclipse Legal Services is succeeding in a market that’s sometimes tarnished by a questionable reputation. However, Victoria Young has implemented a mindset that continues to instil confidence amongst a repertoire of happy clients.

“The Leveson Inquiry damaged the reputation of investigators, but ultimately, if you do things properly and comply with the law, you’ve got nothing to worry about.

“A lot of people will do anything for a price. However, in my eyes, reputation is much more important than money. A lot of companies will take the risk and aren’t overly fussed if they don’t trade again. 

“However, we don’t like underhanded work. There are many private investigations that we won’t even consider until we receive instructions from a solicitor.”

How Has Technology Improved Private Investigator Jobs?

The overall quality of the services being provided by Eclipse Legal Services has been enhanced significantly, following the introduction of state-of-the-art technology. While tech has previously been used to aid the investigative process, developments have meant that the team can now offer greater levels of service and further improve client satisfaction.

“The technology that we’re able to use nowadays is fantastic. For example, some of the surveillance equipment that we have is so subtle; cameras can be planted in the most unsuspecting places.

“Moreover, the emergence of social media channels has proven to be massively beneficial. For example, people often insist that they weren’t at a place at any given time, yet a single social media post can destroy their argument. Irrespective of how they're revealed, a liar will always be identified.”

Victoria Young has an infectious passion for her work and thoroughly enjoys working as a Private Investigator. Yet, she is keen to communicate to aspiring investigators the role is far from simplistic.

“This job’s brilliant, but it isn’t easy. So many people are jumping onto the bandwagon without considering the finer details of what’s involved, such as GDPR compliance and the need for a thorough understanding of the legal practice.

"Moreover, you need to be made of tough stuff; while I’ve worked in what may be considered to be desirable areas, I’ve served papers on people in places where you need to have thick skin. Nonetheless, it’s a phenomenal job, that's so rewarding, so long as you don't go into it half-hearted.”

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