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Wednesday 01 February 2017

Top Reasons Why You Might Need a Private investigator

There are a number of personal and business reasons that might lead you to hire a private investigator. From fraud, scams and business background checks to personal injury claims and child custody issues, sometimes the only way to get the right information is to hire someone who knows how to find it. Private investigators are trained individuals, often with a police or security background, who have the skill set to look deeper than your average citizen.

Divorce and Family Problems

Perhaps one of the archetypal problems that we associate with private investigators is infidelity. A private investigator will be able to undertake the necessary surveillance to find out if someone is having an affair or not. If divorce proceedings are being undertaken an investigator can also be used to check if assets are being hidden, either here in the UK or abroad.

Personal Injury

The number of personal injury cases have risen in recent years with various no win no fee offers from solicitors. A private investigator can be hired to find witnesses and uncover evidence either to support a case or disprove it. They can work for both individuals and legal or insurance firms.

Welfare Investigations

One area where private investigators have been used in recent years is helping to uncover possible welfare fraud. If someone is claiming benefits but still working, this can save welfare organisations a good deal of money and help convict fraudulent claimers.

Business Checks

Many companies across the UK hire private investigators on certain occasions. This can be for something as simple as doing a background check on a future employee to investigating due diligence when a company is looking to undertake trade with another business either in the UK or abroad. Another area where private investigators are used is when a case of potential fraud or embezzlement is suspected. This can include tracking down the perpetrator and following where the money goes, working closely with legal teams and accountants.

Criminal Investigations

While the police in this country do a creditable job, they are short of resources and criminal cases are often not followed through to completion because of this. With a private investigator a case can be looked into and additional evidence uncovered that could be used in a future prosecution. With so many of us travelling abroad nowadays, crimes overseas can also be investigated.

Internet Scams

A large percentage of UK residents put at least some part of their lives online, increasing the risk of being a victim of an internet scam. This can take various forms but usually ends in the victim losing money, sometimes large amounts. A private investigator can help track down who was responsible. Another issue that has increased in modern times is identity theft which can have a catastrophic impact on the victim. A private investigator can help gather the valuable information that can be taken to the police and used to gain a conviction.

Insurance Fraud

One major area that private investigators operate in is insurance fraud. False claims can be investigated more fully and reports produced that help companies decide whether a criminal offence has been committed and whether further action needs to be taken.

Stalker Investigations

This can be a frightening problem for any individual, especially if there is no support coming from the police. Unfortunately, it is an all too common occurrence and is on the increase. A private investigator can not only build up evidence on the stalker but can also advise the victim on how to stay safe and put in protective measures.

There are a wide range of problems that a private investigator can help with. They can gather evidence for either supporting a case or disproving it, make sure a course of action is secure, or prevent you from making a dangerous mistake.  If you are wondering if you need a private investigator then give us a call and we will give free confidential advice on how we can help you so you can decide how to move forwards.

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