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Sunday 09 February 2020

Reducing the Risk of Employee Computer Crime

Ideally, employers would like to be in a position whereby their businesses are one hundred per cent protected from work-related crime. 

Unfortunately, we don’t live in an ideal world and employee computer crime is common within the workplace; the cybercrime industry generated a staggering $1.5bn in 2019, with workplace fraud a major contributor.

While businesses implement stringent measures in a bid to protect themselves from threats away from the company, instances remain whereby they find themselves susceptible to internal threats. Nonetheless, there are ways in which employers can protect themselves by enforcing security measures.

The benefits of technological advancements and innovations are being continually exploited by criminals who use innovative methods to steal from corporations. However, the threat isn't confined to outside groups, with people within a company often abusing their employer's trust and their role within the company, to gain access to secret information.

Admittedly, fully protecting your system from unjust members of the team is challenging and there are instances whereby computer systems and business data may be compromised. However, there are certain steps can be applied to ensure that your cybersecurity is enhanced, reducing the likelihood of an in-house member of staff benefitting at your expense.

Cyber Crime Prevention Methods

Limit Access to Computers and Networks

To reduce the probability of cybercrime, the necessary measures must be in place within your company. For instance, nowadays, there is a range of technologies that can ensure that your company has safer computers, networks and connections; strongly consider combining the benefits of different tools to ensure that your computers and data are well-protected.

Technology usually used within a company includes fingerprint technology, passwords, biometrics, as well as voice recognition, with each format holding their benefits and strengths when trying to prevent valued information falling into the wrong hands.

Track Staff Computer Usage

Do you think that your staff are working efficiently? Perhaps you’re suspicious about whether a particular member of the team is attempting to access restricted company files? If so, computer monitoring is a useful way to observe your staff activity, before making any sudden decisions about potential disciplinary measures or pursuing legal action.

Computer monitoring allows employers to keep track of the websites that their staff members are visiting and which files they’re uploading - software can flag be set up to flag any suspicious activity, allowing you to take action before it’s too late.

Be Transparent

While covertly monitoring behaviour may seem like the more beneficial way to catch out any conniving members of staff, telling your team that they’re being monitored is often regarded as a much more powerful way of keeping your valuable information secure.

If people know that they’re under the microscope, then they’re often fearful of being caught and opt against committing the crime.

Ensure That Your Staff Can Spot a Thief

Sometimes, we like to think that we can do everything ourselves. However, the fact of the matter is that we can’t spot every discrepancy singlehandedly; company owners who embark on a solo mission to catch culprits are likely to miss key events and this could have a profound impact on your business.

Whether you’re a small firm or a large-scale organisation, your employees can be your extended, onsite security force. Every company should provide its employees with the necessary training that will enable members of staff to immediately identify whether or not their colleagues are behaving suspiciously. 

Moreover, ensure that there is a company protocol in place whereby staff members can report any security breaches quickly, to ensure that the guilty party is reprimanded.

Common errors involving insecure passwords or scam emails are also typical scenarios that lead to computer crime within the workplace. Therefore, as part of any staff training, you must inform your team of how they can evade any mistakes that could reduce protection from these kinds of common threats.

Keep an Eye on Out of Hours Staff 

Company owners are often desperate for enthusiastic members of staff who are willing to work additional hours; sometimes this necessitates working extended hours, or even working remotely.

However, there are some occasions whereby this over-zealous approach should be approached with caution - the employee may be trying to slip under the radar and conceal their true motives, signing in at home to complete underhanded tasks that can’t be attended to under the watchful gaze of their peers and senior management.

Eclipse Legal Services: Protecting Clients from Distrustful Workers

If you think that something is amiss amongst your workforce, then you should never ignore your gut instinct. Instead, follow the suitable steps to protect your business and its essential information from would-be cybercriminals.

Eclipse Legal Services provide tracking services that can decipher an employee's true motives and whether or not your suspicions that they’re being dishonest are on the money, or wide of the mark.

Our experienced, professional team have provided in-depth support for companies in major UK cities, including Manchester, London and Liverpool, using state-of-the-art techniques and technologies while working within all applicable laws and best practice.

Are you concerned about your company’s cybersecurity protection? Do you have suspicions about a member of your team? Call 0800 999 2099 or 0161 962 9988, we’d be delighted to help.
























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