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Tuesday 28 February 2017

Pre-nuptial Investigations - What You Need to Know

An increasing number of people who are considering either marrying or entering into a pre-nuptial agreement are enlisting the services of a private investigator to conduct an investigation into the circumstances of their partner before making such a serious life commitment. The financial, personal and family history of the subject of a pre-nuptial investigation are all matters that the other party should be as knowledgeable about as possible, especially in relationships involving more mature couples who have managed to amass substantial assets through work, inheritance or previous divorce settlements.  The checks that can be carried out are wide ranging, the most relevant of these being:

Financial Checks

Most pre-nuptial investigations will include an examination of the financial status of its subject. The private investigator will be able to report on their past and current financial position including information regarding debts, property and liquidity. Marriage and/or pre-nuptial agreements can involve entering into significant financial commitments and it is always wise to know as much as possible about a partner’s financial position before doing so.


Marital Status

A discreet check into the subject’s present and past marital status can provide a helpful insight into their relationship history. It will also reveal whether the subject has been frank about their marital status and, of course, it will avoid the risk of entering into a bigamous marriage.


Family Relationships

Anyone entering into a marriage or a pre-nuptial agreement will also be entering into some degree of relationship with the family of their partner. A discreet investigation into their family members and their financial and personal history can provide reassurance that there is nothing to worry about in the subject’s family relations.


Fidelity Checks

An investigation into whether the subject is involved in a relationship with a third party will ensure that a commitment is not entered into with a partner who is already practising infidelity. The importance of being able to rely on a partner’s fidelity before entering into a marital or financial arrangement is obvious and an investigation into this should always be commissioned if there is any doubt in a party’s mind.


Employment Checks

Pre-nuptial investigations may also include a report on the prior employment record of the subject, including who they have worked for, the length of each occupation and the circumstances on which their employment positions came to an end.


Dependent Status

It is important to be clear as to whether a prospective party to a marriage or pre-nuptial agreement has any undeclared dependents whose existence may bring emotional and financial conflicts of loyalty. A pre-nuptial investigation will clarify the dependent status of the subject.

Whilst marriage is a highly personal and emotional commitment, those considering entering into it are increasingly leading with their heads as opposed to their hearts. Equally, family members, such as the father of a prospective bride, are commissioning pre-nuptial private investigations to protect their son or daughter from entering into a marriage or pre-nuptial agreement with a partner who has hidden (or failed to accurately disclose) important financial and/or personal and/or family information.

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