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Tuesday 28 January 2020

Relationships are built on foundations of love, truth and honesty. Therefore, discovering that your partner has been cheating can be a heart-wrenching experience. 

Notwithstanding the humiliation and stigma related to such experiences, many people in the UK decide to hire a private investigator to help them discover the truth, as they strive to begin surviving infidelity.

In recruiting specialist assistance from a private investigator, the client obtains adept support from a professional who has devoted their vocation and livelihood to unearthing affairs and illegitimate relationships.

People are often drawn to the services of a private investigator because of their extensive, prior experience in dealing with unfaithful spouses; practitioners are familiar with tell-tale signs that something untoward is occurring and can, therefore, advise their clientele accordingly.

Eclipse Legal Services has a team of fully trained private investigators, each of whom is well-versed in helping clients decipher whether their partner is cheating.

Identifying Infidelity

If you're doubting your partner’s fidelity and querying their honesty, then there’s something wrong in the relationship that needs to be addressed.

The intimation that there is something untoward taking place varies depending on each unique circumstance - tell-tale signs in one relationship can differ significantly when compared to another case. Nonetheless, there are common traits that can indicate whether your partner is pursuing extra-affairs.

While it can be tempting to act based on your impulse and gut-instinct, it’s advisable to work alongside a private investigator to gather conclusive evidence that will support any claims that a partner has been unfaithful.

There are several indicators to look out for before making any assumptions. Ask yourself the following questions before adopting a cavalier approach and jumping to premature conclusions.

Has Your Partner Dramatically Changed Their Appearance or Lifestyle Choices?

If your partner uncharacteristically changes their lifestyle, e.g. they begin eating healthier foods and a stringent exercise regime, they could be trying to present themselves as being more attractive to impress somebody else.

It’s often the case that a new lifestyle won’t be consistent with how a person has previously led their lives. For example, if they haven't previously been image-conscious, then why are they suddenly making a concerted effort to change the habits of a lifetime?

Granted, this stance may seem somewhat pessimistic - who knows, your partner could be preening themselves for your benefit. However, it isn’t entirely out of the question that their new-found love for cologne and smart clothing is geared towards catching the eye of a new love interest.

Is Your Spouse Using the Phone, Computer or Social Media in Private?

Technology is a cheater’s greatest allay; when people are in communication with another partner, phones and computers are often their new best friend, so much so, that they won’t leave them unguarded for a split second.

Paying attention to minute details can easily expose a cheat. For example, if your partner has never used a password on their phone or laptop, then why is that suddenly the case now? Are they deleting messages or search engine history? Are they suddenly taking their phone with them everywhere they go?

The aforementioned factors are all alarm bells that shouldn’t be ignored. If you’re concerned, you can always ask to check your partner’s phone. However, it's important to recognise that there's always the risk that if nothing is going on, the trust element in the relationship will have been breached.

Is Your Partner Easily Contactable?

As the adage goes, 'time waits for nobody'. Therefore, if your partner is cheating on you, they’re not going to answer your calls or respond to your texts, if they’d rather spend time with somebody else.

It may seem harsh, but an unfaithful partner often hides behind otherwise plausible excuses to break off contact, freeing up time for them to indulge in time with somebody else.

So, ask yourself: Is your partner working later than usual? Do they fail to pick up the phone or don’t return your calls? If so, it could well be time to seek help from a private investigator.

Have There Been Changes in Your Sex Life?

Your sex life can often be reflective of whether your partner is seeing somebody else. For instance, if you and your partner aren’t engaging in as much sexual activity, as usual, this can suggest that their mind is otherwise engaged on somebody else. 

Conversely, if you’re having sex more frequently, then this could be a ploy to cover up their infidelity.

Are Unexplained Transactions Leaving Your Account?

An influx of additional outgoings from bank accounts and additional payments on credit cards are a common indicator of potential infidelity.

Moreover, if you ask about the payments and your partner cannot provide you with a clear-cut, definitive answer about the expenses, chances are that they’re not being truthful and trying to cover their traces.

Ultimately, affairs and infidelity are expensive and money spent on plush gifts, fancy meals and hotel rooms accumulate. If you do happen to notice significant sums of money leaving your account, treat this as a suspicious sign.

Eclipse Legal Services: UK Private Investigators Exposing the Truth

Eclipse Legal Services offer specialist services for clients who are suspicious that their partner may be engaging in any number of affairs.

We offer professional, subtle work for a multitude of clients, not only in the UK but also on a global basis. Our team have received thorough, in-depth professional training and utilise the latest surveillance equipment to ensure that sufficient evidence can be obtained to inform your final decision.

Guaranteeing a meticulous service bound by confidentiality is of the utmost importance; we’re duty-bound to ensure that we conduct ourselves professionally and protect the best interests of the client.

Our surveillance team here at Eclipse Legal Services comprises staff from a range of backgrounds and operate twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week - whenever our clients require for our services, we’re more than happy to oblige.

Via services such as our surveillance services or data-driven GPS vehicle tracking, Eclipse Legal Services can help you establish whether your partner is being deceitful. Call 0800 999 2099 or 0161 962 9988 to speak with a member of our team and begin your pursuit for the truth. 





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