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Tuesday 27 February 2018

How technology has transformed surveillance?

It will come as no surprise to anyone that technology has had a huge impact on the way that surveillance is conducted in the last decade alone. Gone are the days when private investigators had to stake out venues for hours on end to gather useful data. Today the connected digital society means there’s more information than ever before stored online and waiting to tap into.

While technology has undoubtedly provided investigators from all backgrounds with new tools to add to their kit, it presents challenges too. Not least the fact that there’s now a huge and ever-growing amount of data stored online, processes have had to be put in place to ensure it’s effectively used and accessible. For private investigators working to build a case, tech has changed things.

In the old days, you’d find a private investigator out in the field more often than not when they were working on building evidence. Today technology means they can spend far more time in the office at a desk than walking the streets depending on the type of case they’re working on. For example, not too long ago record checks and retrials would require a hunt through paperwork, now it’s accessible with just a few taps of the button. In the past, locating a missing person might have required following a trail and speaking to people who may have seen them. Today, scouring the digital world can yield far more positive results that can then be acted on , improving the outcome for customers.

While technology has moved private investigators out of the field and in the office more frequently, it’s had an impact on how field work is conducted too.

Certain types of cases mean that investigators must go on location to obtain the evidence and achieve results. Clients that want to investigate if their partner is being faithful or gather a portfolio of evidence for a harassment claim will often require their hired PI to go back to traditional techniques. But technology has had a huge influence on the outcomes of these types of cases, providing private investigators with more opportunities.

When in the field, technology has allowed PIs to be more discreet. When capturing evidence for an infidelity case, for example, high tech, long range cameras mean they can get the high quality evidence needed without alerting the investigated party to their presence.

Technology has certainly had an impact on how surveillance is conducted and with cutting edge tech constantly evolving the task is going to continue changing with it.


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