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Monday 11 June 2018

You’ve no doubt seen people being traced by private investigators in TV shows and films, but it can provide an essential service in the real world too. Tracing people is a crucial part of a PI’s skillset that can be used for a variety of reasons. If you’re keen to find someone, hiring a private investigator could be just what you need. 

Working for both businesses and individuals, private investigators deploy a range of techniques and technology to locate people, providing their customers with the details they need. Working across international borders, PIs have become a vital professional service that a range of people need to tap into. Working under the Data Protection Act, ensuring the information that you’re given has been obtained legally, they provide you with information to act on. whether you’re searching for a lost family member or your business is owned money by an individual, utilising tracing services can be invaluable.

Tracking a person can be a challenge, particularly if they don’t want to be found or if they’re unaware that people are looking for them. Through using a range of intelligent techniques, utilising both digital and physical means, an experienced private investigator can remove those challenges and deliver real results that can be acted on.

Here at Eclipse Legal Services, we use our tracing skills for four core reasons:

Finding missing people

If a loved one has gone missing, a private investigator can use advanced tracing techniques to discover their whereabouts. It can be a vital service for reuniting people and providing peace of mind to those that have been worrying about the safety of the missing person.

Tracing lost family members

Sometimes families can become separated and lose contact with each other. Once that contact has been lost, it can be hard to establish it again, with people moving or changing phone numbers. Private investigators can bridge the gap that’s been created and bring families back together with their tracing service.

Identifying beneficiaries

If you’re searching for a beneficiary that’s been named in a will or other legal documents and you feel that you’ve exhausted the traditional routes of tacking someone down, a private investigator provides you with a solution.

Tracking debtors

Does someone owe you money? If a debtor has gone missing without paying up their debt, a private investigator can use their abilities to track them down, allowing you to serve legal papers if necessary or establish a line of communication to resolve ongoing disputes.

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