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Tuesday 18 February 2020

Do You Really Know Who You’re Recruiting?

There are no qualms about it, the recruitment process can be arduous and tedious for an employer; sifting through endless CVs and spending hours, sometimes weeks, speaking to prospective members of staff isn’t necessarily a task that’s welcomed with open arms.

Though the task can be somewhat monotonous, senior management overseeing an appointment must devote consummate time and effort to ensuring that the person entering their organisation isn’t only fully qualified, but also honest and trustworthy.

During the recruitment process, background checks are essential; recruiting an inadequate member of staff can not only waste time but also prove to be hugely expensive. Conversely, recruiting the perfect staff member into an organisation can make a world of difference in the overall accomplishment of company goals.

Ultimately, it’s virtually impossible to gain a full scope of what a person is like during the interview process; often it’s the case that applicants submit CVs comprising false information to try and improve their chances of employment.

Therefore, conducting thorough background check investigations is essential, not only for your peace of mind but also to ensure that your decision doesn’t have a catastrophic impact on your business.

Why Should Candidates be Screened by a Private Investigator?

Protect Business Reputation

When a hiring manager hires a star employee, they’re heaped with praise and adulation, however, if the wrong person is given a role and performs badly, then this can badly damage the reputation of your business and your prestige.

If a recruit has a minimal understanding of key areas, then they cannot offer your clients the service that they require and this will reflect negatively on your business.

Although there are times when the hire can simply be replaced with a more qualified alternative, in some circumstances, the breakdown in trust can be telling for a client and they could choose to take their business elsewhere, or even worse, a lawsuit could materialise.

Checking potential candidates’ credentials and checking their claims made during an interview can help you and your company avoid unnecessary trials and tribulations.

Avoid Liability

When you’re providing services to a client base, it’s important to make sure that your employees are fully qualified and can perform admirably in their roles - this can be clarified by contacting a reputed private investigator.

In failing to complete a background check, you could be running the risk of your recruit not achieving their expected level of performance, in which case, your company could face inconvenient legal proceedings. However, completing a check will give you assurances that the new member of staff’s proficiencies has been confirmed.

Reduce the Risk of Theft 

If staff are caught stealing from the workplace, they’re often dismissed immediately, though this rarely deters them from committing the same offence again.

Theft in the workplace presents itself in a range of guises, whether they steal stock, clients or any other property - in any case, it’s unsavoury and can be financially crippling for a company.

If a candidate has previously stolen from their workplace, a background check will indicate the nature of their misdemeanour.

Investigations Prevent Mistakes

The staff recruitment process is an expensive process that can often take a long time to complete, therefore, it’s important to make sure that once it’s reached its conclusion, there isn’t an immediate requirement to start from scratch because of an avoidable mistake.

Many companies insist on incorporating an interview process comprising two, maybe three stages and whilst meticulous approach to recruitment is preferable to a quick-fire hiring process, there’s no way of preventing candidates from being deceitful on their application form or their CV, in preparation for their meeting with the hiring manager.

Therefore, taking the time to source and hire a specialist private investigator to conduct a full background check on a candidate before any decision being made will allow you to filter the desirable candidates from those who you don’t want to be working at your organisation.

Hiring a member of staff without the necessary qualifications can have an ill-effect on the overall dynamic of your company; work performance will diminish; time and money will have been squandered and training resources could’ve been used for a more worthy applicant.

Staff Retention

As previously mentioned, it’s hard to judge a person’s character during a job interview. Although they may initially seem charming, it’s hard to decide how they’ll adapt to the environment in your workspace and whether they’ll fit with the team dynamic.

A background check investigation will ascertain quintessential information that should be taken into account before a job offer is made. If there are details that materialise that you think could be an issue with the rest of your team, don’t brush these details under the carpet. If your recruit isn’t nice to work with, then this could potentially prompt your established members of staff to seek pastures new.

Eclipse Legal Services: Enhancing Your Recruitment

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